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Embracing Melbourne’s street food culture, the Nem N’ Nem family are excited to introduce "Soi Soft Serve” - a unique ice cream concept that will tantalise the taste buds.

Using the finest and freshest locally-sourced ingredients, we have developed a playful twist on many classic desserts.

With premium soft serve ice cream as the base, and served in a crispy cone, or a cup, our ice cream sundaes come in a range of adventurous flavour combinations, including the celebrated ‘Popcorn Lovers’ - made of fresh, creamy vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with sweet and salty popcorn, crispy pocky, and drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. If you’re looking for a lighter and fruitier option, why not try our full flavoured and creamy ‘Sorbet’, using only the freshest seasonal fruits, blended with matcha dust and coconut flakes. For something more indulgent, our special ‘Soft Dog’ features creamy vanilla soft serve, crunchy raspberry crumble, and is topped with dark chocolate sauce and pistachios.

Please follow us at our new pop up stall over the Summer months, located at events, festivals and markets, where you can try one of our mouth-watering and delicious frozen and sugary treats for yourself.

Alternatively, why not hire us for special events such as weddings, corporate functions, product launches or birthday parties (for both kids and adults).

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